New Superette at Yaghmoracen…..

  • November 1st, 2012  

    Our new Bia Superette at Yaghmoracen, extends to 700m2 to include full Bakery, Confectionary, Butcher and Fresh Fish, all of your requirements in household and food shopping at very reasonable prices.

    This new Superette has all the very latest equipment in fresh food storage and displays (ambient, chilled, and frozen) to ensure the food you buy is at its very best in terms of quality and freshness. We also have extensive Personal Health Care and Cosmetics with trained staff to look after your every need.

    Your new Bia Superette at Yaghmoracen has lots of parking, ample and varied shopping trolleys and baskets to suit your needs and a helping hand when needed to load your car. There is level access throughout the superette for the elderly infirm, and those with small children in push chairs. We like to think that you can shop in comfort.

    While we are open and trading every day since July 5th 2012, watch out for the Official Opening of Bia at Yaghmoracen, when we will invite our customers to join us in a fun experience for all the family. The date of the Official Opening will be announced soon.

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